Kinston Culture

Kinston, North Carolina, is a town rich in history and undergoing a modern-day renaissance. With over 250 years of history, Kinston is home to numerous historical sites that offer a glimpse into the town’s past. One such site is the CSS Neuse, located just around the corner from The O’Neil Boutique Hotel. The CSS Neuse is a replica of the Civil War-era steam-powered ironclad ship and is the only full-scale replica of a Confederate Ironclad in the world.

In addition to its historical significance, Kinston boasts a vibrant culinary scene and cultural spots that cater to various tastes. As you explore the town, you’ll discover an array of other restaurants, bars, and cultural spots that contribute to the town’s unique charm.

Beyond the culinary scene, Kinston offers several attractions for nature lovers and history enthusiasts. Neuseway Nature Park provides a beautiful outdoor retreat, while the Ellis Planetarium, Health & Science Museum offers educational and immersive experiences. Pearson Park is perfect for outdoor recreation, and the Kinston Music Park pays homage to Kinston’s musical roots. The CSS Neuse Museum delves further into cultural spots that contribute to the town’s unique charm. The CSS Neuse Museum delves further into the town’s historical significance, showcasing artifacts and exhibits related to the Civil War era. History buffs can delve deeper into Kinston’s past by visiting the CSS Neuse II. This museum offers a closer look at the remains of the original CSS Neuse ironclad and provides insights into its role during the Civil War. Additionally, the First Battle of Kinston, Civil War Battlefield Park located at commemorates the historic battle and features interpretive markers and walking trails.

For art enthusiasts, the Community Council for the Arts is a hub for local artists, featuring rotating exhibits, workshops, and performances. Art 105 is another notable art gallery that showcases a diverse range of contemporary artwork. For a unique art experience, visit the smART Kinston Art Gallery, where you can explore interactive exhibits and engage with local artists. These artistic spaces contribute to Kinston’s growing art scene and creative spirit.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Lions Water Adventure is a fantastic water park where you can cool off and enjoy thrilling water slides. The Walk of Honor Memorial pays tribute to veterans and is a serene spot for reflection. If you’re looking for some active entertainment, head to Ironclad Axe Throwing to test your axe-throwing skills and enjoy friendly competition.

If you’re interested in local heritage, the Caswell Number 1 Fire Station Museum showcases vintage firefighting equipment and offers a glimpse into the town’s firefighting history. The Mitchelltown Historic District at features beautifully preserved historic homes, providing a glimpse into Kinston’s architectural heritage.

Kinston’s blend of history, culinary delights, cultural venues, and outdoor attractions offers something for every visitor. As you explore the town, you’ll witness the fusion of the old and the new, creating a dynamic and engaging experience that showcases the charm and spirit of Kinston, North Carolina.

Restaurants We Enjoy:

Queen Street Deli
117 S Queen St,
Kinston, NC 28501
(252) 527-1900

King’s Restaurant
Hwy 70 – (252) 527-2101
Vernon Avenue – (252) 527-1661

The Laughing Owl
108A W North St.
(252) 208-2663

Jay’s 108
108 W North St. Ste B
(252) 999-8228

Lovick’s Cafe
320 N Herritage St.
(252) 523-6854

Harp & Dills
212 W North St
(252) 351-5847

Irie Eats
203 E Caswell St
(252) 686-6824

Whiskey Pig
214 N Herritage St
(252) 686-5248

Sugar Hill Pizzeria
211 N Herriage St
(252) 686-8800

Ziggy Dogs
401 S Queen St
(252) 643-6401

Beary Smokey Smokehouse
222 N Herritage St.
(252) 643-2176

Wengzz & Thengzz
605 N McLewean Street
(252) 643-2054

Cultural Sites to Explore:

Neuseway Nature Park
401 W Caswell St
(252) 939-3367 

Ellis Planetarium, Health & Science Museum
403 W Caswell St
(252) 939-3302

Pearson Park
300 W North St
(252) 939-3332

Kinston Music Park
S Queen St & Springhill St
(252) 527-2517

CSS Neuse Museum
100 N Queen St
(252) 526-9600

Community Council for the Arts
400 N Queen St

Art 105
105 W Blount St
(252) 522-8001

smART Kinston Art Gallery
210 N Queen St
(252) 933-9072

CSS Neuse II
118 N Herritage St
(252) 560-2150

Lions Water Adventure
2602 W Vernon Ave.
(252) 699-3009

First Battle of Kinston, Civil War Battlefield Park
1400 Harriette Dr.

Walk of Honor Memorial
101 S Herritage St
(252) 560-0590

Ironclad Axe Throwing
115 W North St
(252) 643-0757

Caswell Number 1 Fire Station Museum
118 S Queen St
(252) 527-1566

Mitchelltown Historic District
406 W. Washington Ave
(252) 643-0571

Historic Grainger Stadium
400 E Grainger Ave